domingo, 3 de setembro de 2017

"Stupidity Prize of the Week"

Which is not necessarily weekly.

Anyways, we are proud to announce this week's winnerS.

(Ties happen, as shit happens).

Perfetto: for running a nice regression of GDP on its components and getting an R2 of  0.999.

Goldsmith piggy : which is also running for the "Delusional Prize of the Week". Mister JO states in his facebook account that the recent neoclassical economists' rant against guilds (CORECON, COFECON) is due to sheer envy, as this comes after he was awarded the best book prize of the year by one of the former (forgot which). The funny bit is this: CO_* awarded an academic prize to a fella who does not understand the difference between a printing house and the monetary authority.

Human stupidity is unbounded.

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Uau! O cara é bom de econometria...

O grande Celso Toledo tem um ótimo paper sobre estupidez rodando por aí

Verdade. Vou ver se rola um link para o paper, que está ótimo