segunda-feira, 13 de setembro de 2010

An African Nobel prize winner in the making?

One can recognize the mark of a genius in the work of the Zambian economist and social philosopher Siize Punabantu.

I want to share with y’all the abstract of his new masterpiece, The Origin of Wealth.

What is wealth? This paper proposes wealth and poverty are opposite sides of the same coin and to know the source of one is to understand the cause of the other. It delves into the premise that if contemporary economics could consummately answer the question: what is wealth? scarcity, economic strife and poverty would not exist in the world today. Two kinds of wealth are discussed, aesthetic and technical wealth. Is it possible that contrary to belief, the use of assets and liabilities as a measure of wealth belong to the aesthetic view in the sense that in human psychology an asset is merely an object or factor that evokes positive emotional feelings; the capacity to measure this kind of wealth using complex mathematics does not turn assets and liabilities into real or technical wealth. Consequently wealth may be none of the popular or common notions human society perceives; this includes money, assets and so on. In addition to the psychological influence the tendency of money and assets to fluctuate over time reinforces its aesthetic stature. Businesses commonly publish financial statements in national media often as a legal requirement or a means of demonstrating their financial health or quite simply the state of their wealth , when in fact a financial statement, despite the mathematics applied to it, may be considered an example of aesthetic wealth; (...)

And there is more... But you will have to read this tour de force, I did and it changed the way I understand the world.

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Se eu não tivesse visto o "paper" estaria convencido que o "O" estaria nos sacaneando.

Agora estou convencido que o Punabantu está nos sacaneando (o "Pun" no nome dele deve ser a pista)...

Mas eu chequei, o sujeito aparentemente existe mesmo.

voces nao entendem aesthetic wealth por que sao todos feios e carecas.

O Oreiro saiu da UnB e foi pra Zâmbia?

A economia brasileira está de luto.

Heterodoxia do Pochmaniana de origem africana. IPEA vai abrir filial lá, como na Venezuela.

Vai ser leitura obrigatória na UNICAMP...

olha aí, já dá para pensar no 1º congresso internacional dos economistas heterodoxos ... só falta decidir onde esse crime será cometido.

E o neguinho reclama do Oreiro, ora veja.

Por outro lado, o congresso internacional será dos economistas hedonistas, aqueles que apreciam as riquezas estéticas. E, lógico, será realizado em Campinas.